Data Storage Solution
Affordable storage saves more costs
NAS costs far less than using server storage and is much more efficient
For those medium small corporate that wish to reduce the storage costs but couldnt afford the expensive price of SAN, NAS has a pretty good cost performance ratio. NAS system network storage products use a double system of multi-tasking and multi-threading Linux+Android technology dual system technology to quickly process and response to multiple concurrent users from the network and requests from many different operating systems. Its data transmission rate is close to the network bandwidth limit. The NAS network storage devices have strong scalability and can gradually expand capacity according to the rapid grow of video data.
Solution Advantages
High cost performance, safe and reliable
File Management
Create a private cloud belonging to the company
Cost-effective And Large Capacity Storage
Great home for big data, more cost-effective than server, super cost-effective
Remote Access
Access files directly and conveniently through mobile phone on a business trip
Super Data Backup Solution
Can be used for disk array, data storage backup, or dual hot standby, remote disaster recovery backup
Application Scenario
A comprehensive range of resources and capabilities to provide solutions that cover multiple scenarios
Alternative Backup Tape
Corporate Compliance
Media Asset Archiving