Smart Home Solution
Let smart home enter thousands of homes
Devitop builds the ultimate smart home system for users
Based on the user experience and the intelligent device, the user-friendly experience and comfortable and safe living environment are realized through the interconnection network. It connects all the devices at home and they are managed and controlled by a powerful AI control system. It provides users with a customized life experience so that the device is more intimate and understand the needs of users.
Solution Advantages
Integrates the latest AI technology to provide an open, one-stop solution
Intelligent Analysis
Let the AI system understands life and you better and provides you with a comfortable new experience of smart home life
Customized Service
Through in depth learning, AI intelligent optimized service settings to create a dedicated service for you
Diversify Interaction
Not only device interconnection, but also interaction with AI system through images, sound, shapes and others
One-Stop Service
To provide you with a one-stop all-around smart living environment and constantly improve the quality of service
Application Scenario
A comprehensive range of resources and capabilities to provide solutions that cover multiple scenarios
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