Security Monitoring Solutions
Reliable, secure and intelligent are the foundation of intelligent security monitoring solutions
Improve passive monitoring to intelligently active monitoring by combining artificial intelligence, cloud storage, cloud computing and other technologies
The camera captures in the video stream and uses the monitoring device to transmit the detected face image to the AI processing terminal. The collected video files are stored locally or in the cloud. The AI processing terminal obtains the face image and compares it with the face database to implement the output comparison result.
Solution Advantages
Diversified products to meet different security monitoring scenarios
Industry Leading Recognition Model
With platform big data, it can intelligently identify indoor people and objects effectively.
Strong Platform Compatibility
In addition to adapting to our device, it is also deeply compatible with other mainstream brand device.
Flexible Expansion
Based on NAS storage, computing resources and others, eliminating the pain of back-end expansion
Safe And Reliable
Access security control, network link transmission and data storage protection
Application Scenario
A comprehensive range of resources and capabilities to provide solutions that cover multiple scenarios
Small Family
Large Family
Commercial Complex