Audio And Video Center Solution
Provide Customers With Smarter Audiovisual Entertainment Systems
The Audio and Video Center Solution is Devitop's one-stop integrated solution for home audio and entertainment karaoke to meet the diverse needs of customers
On the basis of the traditional home theater, it has added comprehensive functions such as karaoke, which makes the family entertainment activities more diversified, networked, intelligent and convenient. It provides customers with top professional viewing, listening, singing, gaming, entertainment audio-visual environment and equipment experience with a large number of genuine video, audio, karaoke songs, online video, entertainment games and other resources. It is manage and control through a more intelligent operating system which makes the customer interaction experience simple and practical.
Solution Advantages
Efficient, stable, professional, extreme, diverse and rich audio and video entertainment experience
Resource Acquisition And Storage
Get and store massive HD resources locally and in the cloud
Video Decoding And Playback
NAS supports multiple protocols such as DLNA and Samba
Intelligent Output And Presentation
Intelligently optimize audio and video effects for the best audiovisual experience
Multiple integration
Many well-known third-party applications integrate with our system to provide users with more quality services.
Application scenario
With a large number of high-quality resources and professional audio and video functions, to provide users with more scene solutions
Family private theater
Professional karaoke system
Smart BGM